E-book: The Ego and the Id

Ebook The Ego and the Id de Sigmund Freud

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Titre:The Ego and the Id
E-book: The Ego and the Id E-book
Auteur: Sigmund Freud
La langue:English
Formats disponibles:E-book
La date de sortie:2019-05-07

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Many major ideas have been borne out [of his theories] and are still relevant today. —Huffington Post One of famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud’s most prominent ideas was that of the id , the ego , and the super-ego—the three main factors behind the workings of the human mind. Freud claimed these components of the human psyche controlled all processes of personality , behaviors , and traits in a person. The Id was a person’s most basic and impulsive instincts—the ones that feed into our deepest desires and physical needs. The Super-Ego was the opposite of the id. This component controlled ... → Lire la suite ...

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