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Ebook Madame Bovary de Gustave Flaubert
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Titre:Madame Bovary
E-book:Madame Bovary E-book
Livre Audio:Madame Bovary Livre Audio
Auteur:Gustave Flaubert
La langue:English
Évaluation:3.36 / 5
50 personnes ont voté
Formats disponibles:Livre audio, E-book
La date de sortie:2012-05-11
L'éditeur:Interactive Media

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Emma Bovary, a doctors wife, has a highly romanticized view of the world and craves beauty, wealth, passion, and high society. The disparity between these romantic ideals and the realities of her country life lead her into extramarital love affairs as well as causing her to accrue an insurmountable amount of debt. The book, loosely based on the life story of a school friend who had become a doctor, was written at the urging of friends, who were trying to cure Flaubert of his Romanticism by assigning him the dreariest subject they could think of, and challenging him to make ... → Lire la suite ...

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