E-book: The Quest

Ebook The Quest de Wilbur Smith

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Titre:The Quest
E-book:The Quest E-book
Livre Audio:The Quest Livre Audio
Auteur:Wilbur Smith
La série:Egypt Series
La langue:English
Formats disponibles:Livre audio, E-book
La date de sortie:2018-01-01
L'éditeur:Bonnier Publishing Fiction

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She is omnivorous. No matter age or appearance, physical frailty or imperfection. It is not their flesh that feeds her appetites, but their souls. She devours the young and old, men and women. She leaves only a desiccated husk.An unspeakable evil. An impossible gift. Renowned magus Taita is now over a hundred years old, and has ascended to a new level of wisdom and understanding about his world. But he must prepare himself for the greatest threat Egypt has ever faced: the great plagues and the failure of the Nile, brought about by the fire witch Eos, an ancient force ... → Lire la suite ...

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