Livre audio: The Ravenmaster's Secret

Livre audio The Ravenmaster's Secret de Elvira Woodruff
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Titre:The Ravenmaster's Secret
Livre audio:The Ravenmaster's Secret Livre audio
Auteur:Elvira Woodruff
Narrateur:Simon Vance
La langue:English
Évaluation:2 / 5
6 personnes ont voté
Formats disponibles:Livre audio
La date de sortie:2005-06-27
L'éditeur:Blackstone Publishing

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In London in 1735, eleven-year-old Forrest Harper is living with his family in the Tower of London. There he helps his father tend the ravens and guard the prisoners. Still, life is lonely. When vicious Scottish Rebels are captured, Forrest is delighted. Perhaps now he can prove his courage and impress the local bullies who torment him. His happiness is short-lived, though, when the Harpers are only given custody of Maddy, a Scottish Rebels daughter, for a rebel in a dress will surely make Forrest a laughingstock. As the days pass, Maddys beauty and warmth and her touching stories of ... → Lire la suite ...

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