Livre audio: The Water Dancer

Livre audio The Water Dancer de Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Titre:The Water Dancer
Livre audio:The Water Dancer Livre audio
Auteur:Ta-Nehisi Coates
La langue:English
Formats disponibles:Livre audio
La date de sortie:2019-09-24

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Brought to you by Penguin. Every slave plantation is a house of spies and intrigue. No slave walks a straight line or has a single story - deep within their hearts is betrayal and insurrection. But against whom?Hiram Walker is a man with a gift and a curse. He was born between worlds: his father a white plantation master , his mother a black slave. And , unbeknown even to himself , he was born with a special power. When he is sold to a new mistress as punishment for attempting escape , Hiram discovers her home is a secret ... → Lire la suite ...

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