Livre audio: The Tower

Livre audio The Tower de Simon Toyne

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Titre:The Tower
Livre audio:The Tower Livre audio
Auteur:Simon Toyne
Narrateur:Simon Vance
La série:Ruin Trilogy - Série 3
La langue:English
Formats disponibles:Livre audio
La date de sortie:2013-06-11

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In The Tower, the thrilling conclusion to Simon Toyne’s bestselling Sanctus trilogy, an ominous countdown has begun that some believe could be the first sign of an imminent global catastrophe. Toyne’s latest thriller opens at the NASA Control Center in Maryland where the center’s director has gone missing and all that can be found is a bizarre message on his computer screen. FBI Agent J. J. Shepherd believes some of this might be related to an explosion at the Citadel, a secretive monastery in Ruin, Turkey; the viral outbreak that followed there; and the chilling disappearance of a woman ... → Lire la suite ...

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